Thoughts on general educational matters

Tutoring: Cure, or Band-Aid?

Is your child’s tutor helping your child to understand the subject better? Or is your child only gaining enough knowledge to pass the next test, only to have to learn it all over again before the next test?

Actually, this is largely up to you as a parent. Your brief to the tutor does a lot to determine how much your child learns. If you want exam preparation, you will get exam preparation. If you want your child to gain actual understanding, you need to ask for that directly.

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Math Tips: The Painted Cube Conundrum

Hello there, everyone!

Today I want to take you through a well-known math problem which I enjoy calling “The Painted Cube Conundrum,” because it sounds like a Sherlock Holmes case. Also, who’s excited for Sherlock Season 4 in 2017? I know I am!

The problem usually goes something like this:

A 4x4x4 cube is painted red over its entire surface, and then cut into 1x1x1 blocks. How many of the 1x1x1 blocks will have 2 faces painted?

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